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Camp Quiet Thunder

July 8 - 12, 2024

Coatesville Youth Initiative - 545 E Lincoln Highway, 19320

Camp runs rain or shine, Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm for Grades 4 through 6.  Before and After Camp Care is not available.  Camp is held outdoors, with an indoor facility for shelter from inclement weather.

Per Camper

The Coatesville Youth Initiative’s (CYI) Camp Quiet Thunder (formerly known as the Brandywine Watershed Discovery Day Camp (BWDDC)) was created, in partnership with Stroud Water Research Center and the Brandywine Regeneration Project, to provide an opportunity for youth from the Coatesville area to connect with their peers and develop life and leadership skills, while learning critical lessons on ecological and watershed conservation. The camp is part of CYI’s “Gems in your Backyard” project, where Coatesville youth are encouraged to explore, discover, appreciate and protect hidden gems that are present in their local community.

What is Camp Quiet Thunder?

Camp Mission:

To engage youth in outdoor exploration, science and educational activities, and outdoor discovery to encourage a healthy connection with the natural world and develop the skills needed to preserve their local environment. Our camp aims to balance structure, free play, and environment discovery while building social life, and leadership skills.

What makes our Camp special?
  1. We partner with the Stroud Water Research Center and the Brandywine Watershed regeneration project to provide “world-class” activities and experiences.

  2. Our camp playground is the beautiful Brandywine Watershed, which covers 330 square miles in the Honey Brook area of northern Chester County and includes Coatesville, Downingtown, West Chester, and the central part of Chester County.  The watershed is characterized by open space, including agricultural land and forests. What better place for kids to let loose and enjoy the great outdoors?

  3. Our camp has a minimum ratio of 1 staff member for every 5 campers (a ratio that exceeds the American Camp Association standard), which creates an environment of safety and support for your child.

  4. Special guest presentations and field trips complement the camp experience and include American Indian demonstrations, Electro-fishing, hiking, and more.

  5. Optional Parent Canoe Trip on the last day of camp for parents who want to get outdoors with their child and get a little wet!

  6. On the final day of camp, campers present the highlights of their week for their families at a fun and interactive “graduation” event.

Camp Name Change

In 2020, our great partner, friend, and educator, Chief Quiet Thunder (Chief), passed away. Because the Chief was such a great inspiration and had such a great influence on our camp, the campers, the staff, and anyone who came into contact with him, we decided to honor him and help preserve his legacy by changing the name of our camp to Camp Quiet Thunder. The Chief had a deep appreciation for the natural world, believing that in nature students understand themselves as humans and their place in the world. He believed we all have a sacred obligation to learn to live in harmony with the earth/environment and protect it for future generations. He strongly advocated for embracing and protecting our local waterways and water sources. A great write-up on the Chief, his life and his legacy can be found at our Camp partner’s, Stroud Water Research  Center, website: Or at

Camp Staff

Our camp staff is comprised of adults with science, education, and or youth development experience. Our staff includes college graduates and college & and pre-college interns. When available, we also utilize counselors-in-training, which are high school students who have a passion for the outdoors and helping youth learn more about the natural world. All staff undergo the necessary background checks and receive appropriate camp training.

Contribute to Summer Camp

If you would like to donate to this amazing program, please mail your donation to Coatesville Youth Initiative, attn: Camp Quiet Thunder Scholarship Fund; or, make a fast and secure, online payment via PayPal below.

Sponsor the Camp

A great way for local businesses to contribute to environmental education, youth leadership development, and the instilling of civic engagement in our community’s youth is to sponsor camp. Please contact Jarvis to inquire.

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