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Coatesville Community Coalition

We seek to spark change by hosting a Community Coalition.

CYI’s Community Coalition brings together community members, residents and local organizations to foster collaboration, address community needs and prioritize local needs and issues to bring about community change.

What Are Our Goals?

CYI’s Community Coalition focuses on family and community engagement, youth development, and substance prevention. We are a group of people interested in serving Coatesville.

We represent different areas in our community to provide the fullest range of voices, needs, opinions, ideas and experiences.

We invite you to join the coalition and become a member.

What do coalition members do?

Roll up their sleeves, voice their opinions and make decisions on supporting Coatesville youth and the community through participating in coalition meetings and working groups.

What is the ultimate goal of the coalition?

To create a better future for our youth and for Coatesville by increasing family and community engagement, supporting youth development, and preventing youth substance abuse.

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