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Game Changers Youth Council

Meetings happen every two weeks on Mondays from 5:30 – 7pm

Location: CYI office (545 E. Lincoln Highway).  

The CYI Youth Council (Game Changers) is comprised of students in grades 6th through 12th who either attend Coatesville Area School District schools (CASD) or reside within its geographical boundaries. They are inspired and poised to carry the Greater Coatesville Area community toward a positive future, utilizing this council as a platform to vocalize their thoughts, ideas, and concerns. The Game Changers guide the development of programs and activities that directly and indirectly benefit students and residents in the greater Coatesville community. They are the faces of today and the leaders of tomorrow.

We Focus on
6 Different Areas

  1. Peer networking, making friends, meeting new people and having fun!

  2. Developing leadership skills

  3. Helping to solve community needs

  4. Representing the youth voice in the Greater Coatesville Area

  5. Promoting the youth agenda to local city and municipal leadership and school officials

  6. Engaging youth and youth-led groups in Substance Prevention education and awareness as well as promoting self-care and positive mental health.

Check out the Game Changers brochure to learn more.

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