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Young Men United

The Young Men United group meets on the third Saturday of every month.

Location: CYI office (545 E. Lincoln Highway).  

Calling all young men, guys, fellas, homies, everyone….

Come join your peers and connect with positive adult males in a setting that we call the Males Café, where you will have fun, build relationships, take trips and talk about issues that males face as they go throughout life.

This group isn’t your typical male’s group, where you will just sit in a circle and talk about how to become a “man”. No, this group is all about giving young men an opportunity to connect with each other, create fun memories and get taught some FREE GAME on life!


Guys come & hang out and have some fun with the bros and meet some new people.

Who Are We?

What to Expect:

  1. Good Food

  2. Activities like: Cookouts, Bowling, Go-Karts, Snow tubing, etc.

  3. Physical activities: Basketball, Football

  4. Connecting with other young and older men of Coatesville

  5. Be a part of a support system in and out of the group

  6. Weekend trips

What are the costs?

The program seeks to make our activities and events as affordable as possible. All onsite (at CYI) activities are free of charge and usually include food. Most off-site activities must be paid for by the individual participant. There are fundraising opportunities that the young men can participate in to help reduce the costs of the activities.

For more information, please contact Jaylin at or 610-380-0200 ext. 205.

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